Cold and cough resources for your discipline

Whatever your specific role or specialty, the MUCINEX® brand is dedicated to providing you with the tools and information to educate your patients. The teaching tools listed below may be especially relevant to your discipline.

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Cough and cold resources for pediatricians

See Children’s MUCINEX® products

Learn about our full line of Children’s MUCINEX® products in several easy-to-take formulations and flavors.

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Learn how Children’s MUCINEX® products help

When bothersome mucus creates disruptions for children and their parents, Children’s MUCINEX® products help relieve their worst symptoms.

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Antibiotics aren’t always the answer

An educational brochure from the CDC that briefly explains 6 simple and smart facts about antibiotic use and when antibiotics can help treat your child’s illness.

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Children’s MUCINEX® Feel Better Kit

A kit composed of a fact sheet about cough and cold, as well as a fun and educational activity booklet.

The booklet is filled with games, puzzles, pictures, and a maze parents can give their children to keep them engaged while on the road to recovery and to teach them about why they have a cold.

MOA Video for Respiratory Specialists

See the MUCINEX® MOA video to learn how MUCINEX® can help relieve symptoms associated with excessive mucus.

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See how guaifenesin works
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MUCINEX® dosing resources for pharmacists, nurses, and practice staff

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MUCINEX® dosing card

A quick reference to dosing information about MUCINEX®, MUCINEX® DM, and MUCINEX® D.