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Learn how guaifenesin, an active ingredient in MUCINEX® products, helps relieve your patients’ worst mucus-related symptoms and see why MUCINEX® is the most recommended OTC cough/cold brand among healthcare professionals.*

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Guaifenesin is an expectorant that helps address bothersome mucus, a cause of chest congestion and cough

Too thick or bothersome mucus can:

  • Obstruct small airways
  • Cause coughs by stimulating the cough reflex in the upper respiratory tract
  • Lead to secondary infections by encouraging bacterial colonization

Guaifenesin is an active ingredient in MUCINEX® products that works to:

  • Thin and loosen excess mucus to make it easier to cough up
  • Make coughs more productive
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Persistent, bothersome mucus left untreated can present a multitude of symptoms1

  • Further reduction of cilia function
  • Mucus stagnation
  • More frequent respiratory tract infections
  • Excess congestion upon awakening

1Data on file.

MUCINEX® helps relieve symptoms associated with excessive mucus1

  • Reduces viscosity/loosens mucus
  • Enhances mucociliary transport
    and clearance
  • Improves productive cough
  • Relieves chest congestion

1Data on file.

Maximum strength chest congestion relief without the prescription

Maximum FDA-approved dose of guaifenesin

MUCINEX® Bi-layer MOA video

See the MUCINEX® Bi-layer MOA video and learn how the MUCINEX® patented bi-layer tablet has an immediate release layer that disintegrates fast and an extended release layer that lasts for 12 hours.

See how the bi-layer tablet works

Excess mucus and the importance of hydration

When the excess mucus of a cold becomes problematic, hydration may need a helping hand to thin and loosen mucus3

Obstructive mucus can:

Disrupt sleep

for children and their parents

Lead to secondary infections

by encouraging bacterial colonization4

Create worry and distress for parents

In fact, in a survey of 1002 mothers of prekindergarten children:

  • 43% say their children have difficulty focusing and completing tasks when they are ill
  • 41% say colds directly impact their children’s schoolwork

Download the full summary results
Mothers' and School Nurses' Survey Summary Handout

Did you know?

Most children experience 6-8 common colds a year,5 leading to nearly 22 million school days lost annually in the US6

Proper hydration is important for a variety of reasons:

  • Enhances mucus fluidity so it can move more freely
  • Lubricates airways membranes
  • Clears toxins and regulates bodily functions
  • Prevents fluid loss, which can be exacerbated when children are sick

Parents may need extra help to keep mucus in motion.

The guaifenesin in Children’s MUCINEX® products can help

Guaifenesin works to help relieve chest congestion symptoms and make children more comfortable

The role of guaifenesin


Reduces mucus viscosity
Helps avoid blockages, which can harbor bacteria


Helps loosen mucus in the air passages
Allows mucus to flow better so it’s easier to cough up

Children’s MUCINEX® gets mucus moving

Children’s MUCINEX® product image
Use as directed.
Guaifenesin 100 mg (in each 5 mL)

Children’s MUCINEX® Chest Congestion

  • Contains ONLY guaifenesin
  • Alcohol-free
  • Grape flavor
  • 4-hour dosing
  • Appropriate for children aged 4 years through 12 years
    • 4 years through 5 years: 2.5 mL – 5 mL
    • 6 years through 11 years: 5 mL – 10 mL
    • Children under 4 years old: do not use

Other Children’s MUCINEX® products available:

Children’s MUCINEX® for symptoms that go beyond chest congestion

Children’s MUCINEX® Stuffy Nose and Cold product image

Children’s MUCINEX® Stuffy Nose and Cold

When children have both nasal and chest congestion

Children’s MUCINEX® Cough product image

Children’s MUCINEX® Cough

When children have disruptive cough and chest congestion symptoms

Children’s MUCINEX® Mini-Melts™ are easy-to-take granules that are sprinkled on the tongue so there’s no liquid to swallow

MUCINEX® has a full line of products that address mucus with guaifenesin

Cough & Chest Congestion

MUCINEX® has a range of products that lasts 12 hours for cough and chest congestion symptoms

Cold, Multi-Symptom

Maximum Strength MUCINEX® Fast Max products are combination formulas that relieve a variety of your patients’ worst cold symptoms

Sinus & Nasal Congestion

A range of products to help relieve your patients’ nasal congestion or sinus pressure symptoms for freer breathing through the nose

Children’s MUCINEX®

When cough and cold symptoms cause discomfort for children, lead to sleep interruptions, and create distress for parents, Children’s MUCINEX® products can help children feel better

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*MUCINEX® is the #1 Recommended Brand in the Adult Cough/Cold category in the US among the Universe of Physicians (AlphaImpactRx). MAT 52 weeks through May 2015.
Maximum Strength products.
Mothers’ and School Nurses’ Assessment of Cough and Cold Impact on Children’s Quality of Life. Survey results presented at the 2015 American Cough Conference.

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